Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where Should Margot Go?

"Maybe I'll move to the west coast for my year off; the west coast is like a different country for me."

--Margot Dickson

Margot is an aspiring young lawyer who is taking a year off before starting work at a law firm next year in New York City.

So where should Margot go? East Coast? West Coast? China? I want to hear some comments! And be sure vote in the nifty poll on the right.

The votes are in! Of twenty voters, one person thinks Margot should stay on the East Coast; thirteen people think she should head to the West Coast; no one thinks she should go to New York City; and four people think she should go somewhere else entirely.

Thanks for voting!


  1. To me, the answer is simple: Chile. Stable South American country, relatively happy people, great wine regions, lots of steak, Easter Island and Patagonia. Case closed.

  2. Wow...I think you just convinced me! Better brush up on my Spanish.

  3. You have to go as the people vote. I'm sorry.

  4. Why is the moon and outer space not an option? Are you trying to say women can't be astronauts?

  5. since you already 'did' europe when you went abroad junior year, i would suggest southeast asia -- like thailand or singapore.

    but otherwise, i say london, cuz there's a chance i might be there!

  6. obviously west coast. she needs a culture that will appreciate the MMD hairflips.

  7. What's there to lose? This is the best time in your life for a great adventure. Read what BH said about Portland...it surely rivals Ithaca....oh, but Portland's not as cold.

    One of my best choices at your age was to drive west with a friend. Parents expect a lot of you guys, but what we really want is for you to have no regrets and to be passionately happy.

    Happy Camper

  8. Someone has to stick up for the South here, and obviously that person would be me. Gonna have to suggest Austin or Charleston...two of the best cities in the country, great weather, great people, great food. What more can you want? I suppose that will make me an "Other" vote.