We've never made any bones about being Homers, and being from Tucson we're huge University of Arizona Homers.  Not surprisingly many of our posts have been inspired by our bleeding passion for U of A sports.  You can find them on this page along with some of our favorite U of A stuff.

A Run in March
2011 brought back the magic of March. 
BYUtv: the ULTIMATE Homer
Every Wildcat fan probably thought that Jimmer droppin' 49 on the 'Cats in Tucson was rock bottom--until we saw Jimmer square off against the 'Cats on BYUtv.

The Monday Roast: Arizona State University 
Who better for the first repeat roast than ASU--excuse me, AS-Who?  

My 2010-11 'Cats V-Card Has Been Taken
Sometimes it's hard for a Wildcat fan to find the basketball team on TV when they're not in Tucson, but AB finally caught the Wildcats on television and was quite happy about it.
Cover Your Ears 'Cause It's Getting Just a Little Too Loud
In light of all the hype slowly building around the UA hoops 2010-11 season, we thought a little humble pie for the fan base might be necessary.  It's easy to get caught up in the pre-season prognostications and it's fun to do.  Ultimately, we are what we are.  That's why they play the games.

I Showed Up at Stanford, No One Else Did
Well I got to drink and tailgate down on the Stanford Farm.  Then Harbaugh's Cardinal stomped all over the 'Cats.  I think we should refer to them as the Harbaugh Cardinal because the Stanford folk didn't seem to care much for their top-10 football team.  Luda.

The Wildcats Take Nerdville and Jim Harbaugh Needs a Drink: I'll be there
I'm going to the UA-Stanford game in Palo Alto and I'm prepping for the tailgate by sharing my trash talk with the Homer world.  Bear.  The.  Eff.  Down.

If I Were Mike Stoops...(Oregon State Edition)
Things were lookin' good on this season before this Beaver hiccup.  Nothing a little mitigation of fault and a slap on the ass and a beaver entendre can't fix.

If I Were Mike Stoops.... 
Sure, the 'Cats beat Iowa.  Big, big W and the follow up to the game has been a lot of AZ love.  Well how about a little slice of humble pie.  The season rolls on.  One game doesn't define a season.  Next.

Arizona/Iowa: A Big Game for Program, Town, and Team
Just our pregame take on how big the 2010 Arizona/Iowa football game was.

He is Nic Wise
Nic Wise was one of our favorite Wildcats, and the only player to play for Lute, KO, Pennell and Miller.  We thought maybe his jersey should be retired.

A Silver Anniversary Thank You
Arizona made the tournament for 25 straight years.  When that streak finally came to an end we wanted to be sure we gave our due thanks for the people who made the streak possible.

A Lovely Night in Tempe
AB Homer was lucky enough to be in Tempe when Arizona routed ASU at their house; remember Kevin Parrom: "No Easy Buckets"?

The Monday Roast: Arizona State University
When we started the Monday Roast we could think of no more appropriate topic to roast than Arizona State.  A good rip on Arizona State is something any Wildcat will appreciate.

Something Special for the Holidays
Just some praise for the much needed stability Sean Miller brought to the UA in 2009.