McCarver 'Caps

Tim McCarver is widely known for his unique ability to unintelligibly deliver useless information about baseball. In 1996 his ability landed him a job as sportscaster for Fox Sports.  Since that time Tim has covered countless baseball games and never once failed to deliver obvious or nonsensical commentary--and sometimes both at the same time.  

In a tribute to Tim's ability, the Homers decided to recap each game of the 2010 World Series in Tim McCarver's words.  We had so much fun doing it--and received enough positive feedback--that we decided to sporadically recap all types of sporting events in Tim's words. 

So now you can find all our "McCarver 'Caps" below.  Additionally, we encourage you to email ( or comment with your favorite McCarverisms (e.g., "The Rangers aren't hitting because the Giants are pitching").  

McCarver 'Caps: