Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Monday Roast: Miller High Life

1. You are the champagne of beers because the only champagne I buy is $3.99. Boom roasted.

2. Ever seen Miller High Life on tap? Boom roasted.

3. Remember the man laws? How do you explain Miller Chill? Boom roasted.

4. You don't even bother making super bowl ads anymore. Boom roasted.

5. You've claimed your price is delicious, but never your product. Boom roasted.



  2. it would be great if you said, 'boom, roasted.' or 'boom. roasted.'

    at first i thought boom roasting was some sort of brewing technique i'm unfamiliar with. and i work at sam adams, so i'm pretty familiar with brewing techniques. i also specialize in witty remarks and cunning ripostes - it's a hobby - so i am most apt to understand 'boom roasted'