Monday, August 9, 2010

The Monday Roast: Midterm Elections

1.  Let's take a break from doing anything proactive in Washington D.C. and talk about what terrible shape the country is in.  Boom, roasted.

2.  I'm qualified to be the Senator of [insert state name here] because I don't like President Obama--good plan.  Boom, roasted.

3.  Can the Republicans move any further right?  Let's have a midterm election and find out.  Boom, roasted.

4.  I'd be more excited to hear what Michael Steele had to say if Sarah Palin still let us use the "r-word."  Boom, roasted.

5.  Nothing like job insecurity to make an incumbent get on TV and tell us jobs are coming back if we're just patient.  Boom, roasted.

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