Monday, March 22, 2010

The Monday Roast: Unnecessary Stupid Abbreviations

1. So you're saying you actually heard someone say "tots," "obvi," "whatevs," "B-T-Dubs," or "ridic" out loud and thought it was a good idea? Boom, roasted.

2. Do you spend so much time texting that it makes you uncomfortable to speak to your friends in full words and phrases, or are you just devolving? Boom, roasted.

3. Would you like greek letters, uggs, and artificial sisterhood with those "tots"? "Obvi." Boom, roasted.

4. Did you just compulsively say that, or did you take the time to consider how to make a simple word sound moronic before saying it? Either way: Boom, roasted.

5. Remember when it was cool to sound stupid when you spoke? Me neither. Boom, roasted.

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