Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Monday Roast: University of California, San Diego

Recently, the alma mater of AB Homer has made national news with a string of race related incidents. First, a campus fraternity hosted a "Ghetto" party for which they created detailed fliers with instructions on "how to be ghetto." Next, the student television channel broadcast a show mocking people who had been offended by the fraternity party. That was followed by a KKK mask put onto a statue near the school's library and a noose found hanging in the library. Each of these events took place in February, national Black History Month.

1. You can’t even pull off a frat party. Boom, roasted.

2. Not everyone goes to college to become a doctor or an engineer. Boom, roasted.

3. How pissed can the aministration really be? They only allow 3% African-Americans in as it is. Boom, roasted.

4. It is not cool to play – and consequently brag about – 20 consecutive hours of WOW. Boom, roasted.

5. Only at UCSD could a hate crime be most visible when conducted in the library. Boom, roasted.

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