Monday, March 1, 2010

The Monday Roast: Kevin Smith

1. You pay for your lifestyle as a loser slacker from Jersey who has never grown up by making movies about loser slackers from Jersey who never grow up. Boom, roasted.

2. You deny being a hack despite having made a movie for ten bucks (Clerks), and then making your money by referring to Clerks in subsequent movies and charging people to hear you talk about it. Boom, roasted.

3. Putting the same skinny junkie and fat mute in all your movies does not make you a movie a genius it makes you a comic book obsessed nerd. Boom, roasted.

4. You were kicked off a plane for being too fat. Boom, roasted.

5. Jersey Girl. Boom, roasted.


  1. sweet jean shorts Boom, roasted.

  2. You're just hatin' on Jersey all around...