Friday, December 11, 2009

B.H. Homer Bowl Picks

Bowl season is upon us, and us Homers are looking forward to another year of Pac-10 bowl domination across this great nation of ours. To get things started lets get a few predictions from a homer...

Brut Sun Bowl: Stanford Cardinal v. Oklahoma Sooners

There is no doubt the Sooner faithful will travel in force to ol' El Paso, but a Bradfordless bunch will run right into a tough Stanford team. Look for Toby Gerhart to have a big game for the Cardinal coming off a Heisman snub, and ready to strut his stuff before the combine. Although Andrew Luck may be watching; I'm sure Jim Harbaugh can find someone to hand the ball off to a kid averaging 125 yards and 3 touchdowns a game.

Cardinal: 25-16

Pacific Life Holiday B
owl: Arizona Wildcats v. Nebraska Cornhuskers

How many ears of corn do you think Ndamukong Suh could shuck in a minute? We may never know, but I bet it is fewer than the number of linemen he burned in the Big 12 Title game. This is a tough one to call, Nebraska's defense looks stingy, but Arizona's offense has been near the top of most offensive categories all year, despite numerous injuries. But hey, I'm a homer: look for a healthy Sonny Dykes Wildcat offense to pull away late behind Nick "Sunshine" Foles.

Wildcats: 33-16

The Rose Bowl:
Oregon Ducks v. Ohio State Buckeyes

Ducks scoring early and often as they set the tone for a national championship run next season. Chip Kelly's offense has a lot of fire power, and he has a month to get it ready for Jim Tressel--who has changed his play calls less than his sweater vest over the past decade. Watch out for Duck's red shirt freshman LaMichael James; he has not rushed for less than 100 yards since October 3--when he was pulled at half time against the hapless Washington St. Cougars. Ohio State will be wondering why there was not a Duck representative at the Heisman ceremony when this game is over.

Ducks: 44-14

Citi BCS National
Championship: Texas Longhorns v. Alabama Crimson Tide

Hey, even a Homer has to throw his hat in the ring for the big one. By the time this game roles around we'll have forgotten how the BCS backed us into another questionable title game, and we'll tune in. Colt won't have to worry about Ndamukong, but Big Terrence Cody and Co. will be anything but a cake walk. It will be a war of attrition when these two square off--Saban gets his second BCS championship in a snoozer.

Crimson Tide: 16-13

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