Sunday, December 13, 2009

A.B. Homer Bowl Picks

Homer picks take two. Boom, posted.

Capital One Bowl: Penn State Nitanny Lions v. Louisiana State Tigers
Yawn. Here’s how this one plays out: it’s 3-2 mid way through the fourth quarter, a DB misses an outside tackle on a 5 yd pass play (pick the team, doesn’t matter), takes it house, something desperate happens at the end of the game when the teams are forced into two-minute offenses, someone scores or doesn’t, whole game’s decided on a broken play and the final minute. We’ll
say Lions ‘cause I like JoePa.

Nittany Lions: 10-9

Valero Alamo Bowl: Texas Tech Red Raiders v. Michigan State Spartans
In a match up I would hesitate to call a match up, Texas Tech takes its gimmick offense against traditional Big 10 brawn. Mike Leach and his trickeration have the 9th ranked offense in the country, blow out victories over Oklahoma and Nebraska (vaunted defenses anyone?), and will win this game handily. Not to mention the game is being played on turf. AHH! Too fast for the Spartans.

Red Raiders: 36-10

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Texas Christian Horned Frogs v. Boise State Broncos
Perhaps the most intriguing BCS game that has ever been played; but this is like playing for who gets to be DD: no one’s going to win a national title, no one’s going to respect either program any more (or less), and in the end everyone’s still going to say: they haven’t played or beaten anyone. In a day and age when the talent pool is spread so thin, college football is won by the best coaches; Patterson and Petersen are clearly two of the best. Frogs-Broncos is sexy because it’ll be a helluva game and that’s what I care about. Anyone who survives LeGarrette is tough enough.

Broncos: 37-30

MAACO Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon State Beavers v. Brigham Young Cougars
Let me get this off my chest: MIKE RILEY IS ONE OF THE TOP 5 COACHES IN AMERICA. Phew, that felt good. Another thing: how has BYU been invited to the Vegas Bowl five straight years? Vegas CANNOT be making money on that fan base. Anyhow, this should be a good game. I love the shifty Rodgers brothers and a senior Max Hall is certainly tough. But, the PAC-10 was talented this year and it has a battle-tested crop of bowl contenders.

Beavers: 31-24

Citi National Championship: Texas Longhorns v Alabama Crimson Tide
In a season that had five undefeateds and Florida this is our title game? Dammit. There’s really no Homer allegiance in this game other than to say: (get the tiny violin out) there should be a playoff (that’ll be a different talk). There’s no drama to this game, no intrigue other than its name, and – let’s be honest – everyone was expecting Tim Tebow. While the appeal of a senior Colt McCoy to win this game is tempting, he just doesn’t do it for me. Alabama’s tough and Saban teams just win.
Crimson Tide: 21-13


  1. There's no way that TCU loses to Boise State....or for that matter wins by less than 17. Yes the press will say they played nobody as usual but I will take "Utah, BYU, Clemson" nobody over "Tulsa, LA Tech, Nevada" nobody.

    TCU 38
    Boise State 10

  2. I will only agree to continue to follow this blog if you get a clue and recognize that TCU will dominate Boise State, just as we did last year! Have a little respect for the purple. GO FROGS!

  3. Like I said, this is the most intriguing BCS game. EVER. The two most talked about teams that no one REALLY wants to talk about. Ultimately, get real, it's going to be a tight game. No one's blowing anyone out in Phoenix. I like the Broncos. It's a coin toss.

  4. Welcome home AB, I'm glad you feel safe and warm in the confines of the Old Pueblo because your safety is fragile after I see you and review your selection of monuments toured in Bean town. Yes you know what I'm refering too. Nausea!!!! Love you anyway. RG