Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Open Letter to San Francisco

Dear San Francisco,

What an amazing city you are.  The culture, sites, history, food, art, diversity; you’re an immaculate city nestled into some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.
Within a brief drive, any and every type of outdoor activity is accessible.  In three hours you offer skiing in Tahoe, surfing in Santa Cruz, or climbing in Yosemite; all world renowned as among the best.  Remarkable. 

Each of your neighborhoods offers an incredibly diverse cultural experience; from the Marina to the Mission, the Sunset to North Beach, you offer everything to everyone.

I have so much to see and learn from you San Francisco, thank you.  Thank you one-thousand times over.

But please, San Francisco, allow me this.  With all you have to offer, allow me to offer you this: when the thermometer hops over 73 and the sun comes out to shine on the eucalypti of the Presidio, the hills of Delores Park, and the western gate that is that glorious red bridge, San Francisco: LOSE THE JEANS AND HOODY AND MIX IN SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS.  

In fact, I command this of you.  I cannot stand to see another North Face fleece on an 85 degree day.  Dammit that’s winter garb.  

A wise man once said, “Act like you’ve been there before.”  That is to say, we’ve all seen a nice day, act accordingly.  Yes, I understand it’s rare that this weather rolls around.  But seriously, act like you’ve been there before and do the right thing.  If we’re all pasty and white then technically no one loses, right?  If we all get burnt then it’s ok.  Fear not the sun.  Embrace it.  

And so that is what I can give to you, San Francisco: pants that end before your knees and shoes that cover just a portion of the foot.  Try it.  I beg of you.


PS.  But bring a jacket.

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