Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Monday Roast: How it Works

We would like to introduce to you The Monday Roast.

What is the Monday Roast? The Monday Roast is an opportunity to get things off your chest. Does something bother you? Annoy you? Frustrate you? Do you need to get something off your chest? Vent? Can you compile five good humored, witty roasts on one of these frustrations?

If so, tell us about them. Give a brief synopsis of what it is and then roast it, five times. Example:

Kevin, I can’t decide between a fat joke and a dumb joke. Boom Roasted

Yes, that was from The Office, “Stress Relief” episode when Michael Scott gets roasted and roasts everyone. This episode inspired the Monday Roast. Thus, each one-liner you provide must be followed with: boom roasted. (watch this)

So send them our way. Roast your boss, the Yankees, the guy in the V-neck drinking a purple martini, whatever gets your goat. Roast it and we’ll post it.

Email us your Roasts:

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